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 About Advertising on Facebook | Facebook
A powerful tool for managing your Facebooks Ads and sponsored stories. Monitor likes, click-through rates, impressions, reach and more.

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 What are Facebook Ads? | Facebook Help Center | Facebook
We strive to show ads that are relevant and interesting to you and your friends.

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 create a Facebook Ad
Facebook is a social utility that connects people with friends and others who work , study and live around them. People use Facebook to keep up with friends, ...

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 Advertising on Facebook | Facebook for Business
Engage people where they're already engaged. On Facebook, you can target your ads to exactly the people you'd like to connect with, and decide how much ...

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 Ads API - Facebook Developers
Facebook's Ads API allows you to create and access your ads programmatically. You can use the API to build tools that add value to customers on top of...

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 User Guide to the Ads Create Tool | Facebook Help Center | Facebook
The ads create tool is the easiest way to create ads and sponsored stories ... Go to www.facebook.com/ads/create to choose your advertising objectve and start ...

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 Facebook Ads - Guide to Advertising on Facebook - Qwaya
Become successful in Facebook advertising. Learn how to write the best ad, what type of ads you can choose from and how to maximize the ad value.

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facebook ads