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 Game Server Rentals and Hosting :: Order a VDS / VPS :: NFOservers
Order a VDS / VPS ... Single core: Capable for 1-3 game servers or intense website. One full ... Two core: Good for 2-6 game servers or several large sites.

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 Virtual Private Servers - FragNet | Built for Gamers.
Get Minecraft Servers and other Game Servers hosted at the best prices! ... Each VPS can be independantly managed, rebooted and can have the operating ...

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 Game server : VPS or Dedicated server ?
Q. Which can be used as good game server, is it VPS or a Dedicated Server? We do not recommend using a VPS as a game server since memory and CPU ...

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Game + Voice Servers ... buying servers from them for a year now servers are up 99.8% time they sale minecraft and other great games ... Budget VPS (OpenVZ) ...

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 Vps game server, Vps game hosting
Host online games with VPS. Vps Web Server - read more about vps game server and vps game hosting.

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 VanquishVPS - Game Hosting
We have a wide range of servers available whether your after a small private 5 man or a large public 40 man server! - Killing Floor (Dallas, Tx) 5 or 10 man ...

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 Minecraft, Dedicated Server & Game Provider
We provide hosting for Minecraft, Source Games, and many more. Also web host, dedicated servers, and virtual private servers.

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 Gaming servers - VPS Blocks
We setup the VPS with the operating system you choose, and it's up to you to install the game server yourself. We can help you if you are unsure how to do this ...

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vps game